02 August 2008

Happy Friendship Day

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Hello Friends,

Here is a special song to wish you all



This one is dedicated to all my friends ...

Miss ya all ... :|

Yaaron Dosti, Badi Hi Haseen Hain,
Yeh Na Ho To, Kya Fir, Bolo Yeh Zindagi Hain,

Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hain - K.K.

I would like to add something about friends here.

Like relatives, FRIENDs are not decided when we are born.
We MAKE friends through our journey of life.

We've neighbourhood friends, school friends, college friends,
internet friends, office friends, friends of friends ...

WOW !!! So many ways to MAKE friends.

Every friend has something new for you.
Directly or Indirectly, you have a lot to learn from your friends.
Some teaches us what to do or how to do something.
Some teaches us what NOT to do ! ;)

Friends have the first ear to listen to your best day ...
Friends have the first shoulder to cry upon after your worst day ...
Friends have the first clap to cheer you up ...
Friends have the first scold to teach you a lesson ...
Friends are the best persons after your family members.

It's always a good time being with friends

and then ...
Miss all such moments in later years of life !

In this fast paced life, we do not have much time !
We do not have time to keep in touch with every friend ...
We need a day like "Friendship Day" to "remember" friends ???

No matter how often we meet, how often we talk,
it's the friendship that makes us smiling everytime
an SMS / Email / Letter is received from a friend.

Have you ever thought...

(1) What would you do if Someday your best
friend just asks you to stop talking, without
stating any reason ???

(2) Everyday you keep making newer friends,
Does that anyways affect your relation with
your old friends ???

(3) Is there any competition in friendship ?

Well, If I talk about me,
I'd been categorising friends like
- JUST Friends
- GOOD Friends
- BEST Friends

Is it really a good habit to do this ???

How many of your friends are REAL or TRUE friends ???

What do you really prefer ? 1 BEST FRIEND OR 5 ACQUAINTANCES ???

Anyways, All I want from YOU ,my friends, is ...
Just a "Hi ! Wasssup ?" to each and every friend on this friendship day.

Here are some Friendship Quotes to wish your friends.
Take Care & Keep Smiling !


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