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JSONP [JSON with Padding]
- A solution for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
- Since <script> tag is an exception to Same-Origin Policy,
some pages use <script> tag to retrieve Javascript code that operates on dynamically-generated JSON-formatted data from other origins.
- This usage pattern is known as JSONP
- The response of JSONP request has Javascript code, which is evaluated by Javascript Interpreter rather than being parsed by JSON parser.
source : JSONP

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homepage :
current version : Xdebug 2
documentation :


Xdebug can be installed through PEAR/PECL


  • Xdebug displays stack trace of error.

  • Xdebug beautifies output of "var_dump" to make it more readable for debugging purpose.

  • Xdebug can log all function calls along with its parameters and return values

  • Xdebug allows code coverage analysis to find which line of code has been executed and how many times.

  • Xdebug has built-in profiler to optimize code.

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